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Unique experiences for
entrepreneurial minds

The concept of Refuga is simple: Meet great, like-minded and proactive people from across the world, and share incredible experiences. The goal? Combining amazing people with adventure and experiences that will change our perspective and mindset by coming out of your comfort zone. This way we get to understanding ourselves and the world a little bit better.

It all started back in 2012 and we have been running a lot of trips ever since. We are a small but yet extremely dedicated team, with local partners across the world. Since we started, we have had people from over 40 different countries joining us. Our participants have had experience from companies like Apple, Facebook, Khan Academy and Citrix. Basically everything from creating local independent small businesses to running companies with +500 employees.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or already running a big company, if you have a positive and proactive mindset, we would love to travel with you.

Refuga is back!

For more than a year Refuga has been on standby. Now we are back!

In 2017 Nikolaj Astrup, founder of Refuga, sold the Danish part of Refuga to Lars Lottrup. Since then Lars has been running with great success. Now Lars Lottrup is ready to expand to international workations and specialized trips for entrepreneurs.

In August 2019 Nikolaj agreed to sell Refuga to Lars. Nikolaj have had his focus elsewhere for more than a year and did not spend necessary time to develop Refuga and arrange new trips. With the sale of Refuga this will change.

First workation trip is run on a intro price = $1100!
Normal price on workation is €1700