We’re hiring a Content Marketing Manager

06. March, 2015

Update 10th of April 2015: This opening is closed. We’re currently going through the applications!

We want to invest in building our community bigger, by providing something of value to all entrepreneurial minds out there. That’s why, we are super happy to announce that we are hiring a full time Content Marketing Manager in the Refuga team.

If you want to work and live wherever you feel like and if you want to help us take Refuga from a small project to a real business… well, then we might just have the opportunity for you!

Want to create awesome content and work wherever you want? @refugacamp has the job for you. CLICK TO TWEET

A bit about the job:

With this position you will be overall responsible for content at Refuga, with a focus on our blog, but also including other marketing tasks. The job can also consist of others areas where content is needed (news letters, social media, content for other sites, etc.). The job is location independent. That means no office. You can be based where you want and travel around (we do). Depending on where you will be working from, we will agree on the hours you are online and working.

The job will contain the following areas:

  • Researching for new content
  • Doing interviews
  • Collecting data
  • Writing posts
  • Putting together graphics for the posts
  • Marketing of each posts
  • Work will include doing posts completely from a-z, but sometimes also finishing and editing other people’s posts.
  • Approx. one day per week will be focused on outreach, working with bloggers and media (including establishing contact, communication and providing them with content)

The topics are aimed at all entrepreneurial minds and will be in the following three areas:

  • Insights into the Refuga journey
  • Resources on growing you company
  • Experiments in getting most out of life


Who we are looking for:

We are hiring the right person, so feel free to apply. Here are some of the areas we will be looking at:

  • Have a really high sense of quality. The content we will publish is going to be the best within it’s field.
  • You have to have experience curating high quality content.
  • Be productive. We are a startup, so we work fast and get things done, so should you.
  • Be absolutely fluent in English.
  • Be proactive. We want someone with ideas.
  • Someone that doesn’t like being micro managed. You have to be able to make things happen your self.
  • Of course you have to dig the concept of Refuga. We couldn’t imagine anyone not digging it :), but this is not just a job, but something you should be proud of and passionate about. We are and we want to build a team that has the same spirit.

In general we are looking for someone who wants responsibility and a great chance. The perfect candidate could be someone with the dream of starting up their own company in the future and a job at Refuga could be the next step towards that.


How will it work?

We are a location independent project and, due to the nature of the project, we often travel. This also means that this job is location independent, meaning that you can work from where you like.

We communicate daily using Trello and Skype.

We are a company that works with processes. This means that every recurrent task we have in the company is associated with a process – a specific way we do that exact tasks. We document everything via Trello, so we can work without any problems even though we run things remotely.

You will be part of a project that has been going on since 2012 and since the end of 2014 as a full-time project. The team consist of 5 people; the two owners, two assistents and one developer. You will be the first full-time employee in the project (YEAAAH).


What do I get paid?

The pay is set at $2.000 per month.

You also get

  • Full access to the two owners, including feedback on your own project
  • One yearly Refuga trip where we will also be
  • Access to the Refuga network

We know the salary isn’t much. This job is perfect for someone who is living or want to live as a digital nomad or is permanently living some where cheap. We travel around ourselves, living on a smaller budget than we would back in Denmark.


How do I apply?

Update 10th of April 2015: This opening is closed. We’re currently going through the applications!

First of all, you have to be 100% clear if this job is something for you. Think about both the pay and that you will be location independent.

We get a lot of emails each week, so please only apply for this job if you are serious, have the qualifications and want to start asap.

If you have read all of this and it sounds like the chance of a lifetime, then don’t hesitate to apply, by sending your information (including CV and motivation for working with Refuga) to Nikolaj Astrup at hello@refuga.com.

We will pick a few persons out who will be doing a piece of content that we will evaluate. You will of course get paid for the test, no matter if we end up working together or not.

Apply for the Content Marketing Manager job at @refugacom and work wherever you want. CLICK TO TWEET

Nikolaj Astrup Madsen I am the founder of Refuga. I'm danish, but I'm traveling the world while building Refuga and whenever I have time I go for a run in the mountains. I hope you will join me on this journey!

18 responses to “We’re hiring a Content Marketing Manager”

  1. Lanier Logan says:

    I have been a publicist for 7yrs however for the 3yrs I have falling head over heels with Startups. Not only have I mentored over 500 small businesses in New York City, I am focused on going global.

    I have been familiar with work away camp. The concept is amazing and I can’t wait to actually attend one day.

    I need to be apart of your journey, there’s so much that can be done. Media and blogger outreach is easy it’s second nature to me so you would benefit from my extensive media connections here in NYC and other major media markets.

    Below you will find my current client
    I created everything from social media marketing strategy, product pricing and promotion, website copy and blog content.

    Instagram @sheisfila @curiouslycoiled

    I am also working as editor for entrepreneurial online magazine called Young mogul life magazine Ymlife.com which should be up April 1.

    I would love to discuss further this opportunity. I would be honored to be on this team.

    Thank you in advance for your time


  2. Hi Nikolaj,

    I have been writing for more than 12 years now. Last six months, I have been writing on startups and entrepreneurs for The Local Denmark and also The Local Germany. I am a blogger too.
    I am interested in taking up this opportunity and will send you all links to my published work through email.


  3. Ann Shea says:

    Crowdsourcing for filling an opening…Smart!

    Oye! The premise of working remotely, potential travel, and an amazing, dynamic and FUN team (plus the lure of sunny Barcelona as bait), well, my friends, be prepared for the tsunami of CMM wanna-be’s. I’m sure you can already swim, but you’re going to need an ark soon for all the animals on board. And I do mean that in the best of ways. 🙂

    Held og lykke!


  4. Dave Barton says:

    Boom! Just pinged you my attempt at a covering email.
    Here’s hoping…

  5. Carol says:

    Hello there!
    If you’re on the lookout for an Impossible Mission Force to take on your content, I’m your Ethan Hunt. Or in this case, your girl Friday.

    Right now, I’m in Bangalore, India a.k.a. the treasure trove of tech #startups.
    Rigorous research and concise content define my work.

    Interviewing skills are a part of my job, as I’m a full-time journalist. I work with Times of India, the country’s leading daily.

    However, I’m on the verge of starting my online magazine alongside a YouTube channel. I’m a social media savvy, hashtag enthusiast and an investor hunter.

    Currently, I’m two-timing my iPad and iPhone. And I’m a digital tramp dwelling in the startup universe.

    If the position is not filled yet, let me know so I could send you my CV with the links of my work.

  6. Tim Straight says:

    Flott-skjovt å se Workaway promotert i Armenia! Vi har jæklig dyktige folk her! 🙂

  7. Shant Kirmizian says:


    How are you, sir? I’ve just sent you and e-mail with all requested information. My apologies for writing such a lengthy motivation letter. My fingers wouldn’t stop typing. Perhaps it’s because, I’ve been a long-time advocate and implementer of the remote working concept.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you. It would be nice to work with some Danes, again. I used to work for Unimerco out of Sunds, DK.

    Best regards and good luck to everyone!


  8. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Nikolaj!

    How long are you keeping the window open for applications?
    Would love to apply but I know this has been up for a while.

    Hope to hear from you,

  9. Kate OHara says:


    The Workaway concept or nomad lifestyle for entrepreneurs is perfect to discover and relate experiences in a world that is becoming increasingly more connected.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of an artistic and creative process.

    It occurred to me that all of your potential content providers applying to this position could be paid if we had our own Workaway (interactive mobile) TV network.

    Feel free to connect to discuss.


    Kate OHara
    Co Founder
    Download free Wine TV, (on direct TV)
    Co founder
    Tech 7.com

  10. Divya says:

    Hi Nikolaj!

    Greetings of the day!

    I wish to know have you chosen the Content Marketing Manager for Workaway? I too have applied for the job and been waiting for my dream job call; can you update about the same?


  11. Dear Nikolaj,

    Did you manage to decide on your Content Marketing Manager to be? 🙂


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