Spain Workation with coach sessions

One remote luxury house near Barcelona, 12 entrepreneurs, seven days. Work, sessions, and adventure.


Refuga for managers, CEOs and owners

Are you a manager or owner of a company or are you an entrepreneur with a wish to develop your managerial and personal skills?

A trip to Barcelona for a whole week, where you have the opportunity to expand your network and work with your skills as a manager, owner or entrepreneur. You will get inspiration and input for both professional and personal development. Your fellow travellers will consist of managers/leaders/entrepreneurs who are largely faced with the same challenges and tasks as you.

The facilitator on this trip is personal adviser Nynne Bernstorff. Nynne has specialized in personal development of executives and self-employed people who want to achieve exponential growth for the benefit of both their private and professional lives. Whether you want to develop your business, elements of your life or find a new way of looking at the world and your place in it, you will have that opportunity in Barcelona.

You can expect the following:

  • Two individual 90-minute sessions where you work directly with Nynne based on your situation
  • Two workshops looking at awareness, types of intelligence, intuitive management, tools to optimize your results and how to create growth with ease
  • Concrete tools to alleviate any pressing issues in your business
  • Tools to create a change within a larger area of ​​your life and develop you as a leader or entrepreneur
  • A shift in your way of seeing the world. We work with mind, consciousness and thoughts to look at how these create our reality and what impact it has on our ability to create results
  • Sparring and fellowship with other leaders/entrepreneurs
  • Access to a beautiful and different work environment that provides a calm and innovative framework for creating results
  • Delicious food, nature and hopefully nice weather

Who will attend?

  • Managers/entrepreneurs who want sparring and development for themselves and their business.
  • You must be ready to work with yourself and actively participate in both individual sessions, as well as the scheduled workshops
  • You must be open to new tools and to be challenged at your point of view in the world


  • Before we leave, you get a 30-minute session with Nynne on the phone/skype, so you can get to know each other and you can share which areas you want to work with. This session takes place about one month before departure
  • During the trip, you will have access to two individual sessions with Nynne as well as two group workshops
  • Each morning there will be access to a kickstarter which provides inspiration and sets the tone for the day. Each evening there is the opportunity to reflect together with the fellow travellers

An intensive work week combined with a bit of adventure.

At Refuga Spain you will get a chance of talking, working and living with other entrepreneurs for a week. This event is for you, who want to get things done and enjoy talks and feedback sessions combined with a bit of adventure.

We will be located in a remote house in the mountains with good wifi, a big workspace, several lounges, mountain bikes, cool outside areas and a nice pool. For a week you won’t have to think about practical things. Our Spanish chef will make local dishes for us, and you will have the time to concentrate and learning from the other participants.

Scroll down and have a look at the amazing week ahead.










What we will be doing

  • One to one sessions with a coach
  • Meet people from around the world
  • Enjoy the silence in the mountains
  • Swim in a mountain lake
  • Disconnect from everyday life
  • Get the best network you can imagine
  • Focus on our businesses
  • Daily sessions, talks, and discussions
  • Taste local food and wine
  • Go for a half day hike at Montserrat
  • Do concentrated work with great wifi
  • Hike up the amazing Montserrat

    Visit the monastery and hike up through amazing nature to the top of Sant Jeroni


    We’ve been going to this area and this villa since 2012 and it’s one of our favorite places in the world. Our villa is located 15 min from a village up on top of a small mountain, with a great view and an amazing silence.

    Over the years we have brought over 30 nationalities on this trip and we have enjoyed amazing talks, sessions, discussion, sunrise hikes and Spanish food.


    From we pick you up at the airport everything is included. That means all transportation, overnight stays, food, drinks and activity according to the information you find on this page.

    What’s not included is airfare to and from Barcelona (El Prat), personal shopping, extra alcohol or activities.

    We will meet you and pick you up from Barcelona airport (El Prat) and get you back to your flight out of the country on the last day of the event.

    Shortly before the trip, when we have your flight details we will arrange all transportation.

    All accommodation is on a share basis, which means you will be sharing room with 1-3 others depending on location. If you have any questions or requirements, please email

    The food alone is worth going for. Since we are in beautiful Spain, our chef and house host will be making us local food. During the day we will have snacks and cold beverages available at all time.

    If you are allergic, a vegetarian or you want to make us aware of something regarding the food. Please write it in the comments when you apply.

    When we pick you up at the airport, we will go to a nearby restaurant before arriving at our house for the next 7 days. This will be our home for the rest of the week. During the week we will visit the mountain Montserrat (half-day trip) and going on small walks and bike rides. We have arranged transportation for the half-day trips.

    We will keep you posted every day when we get there.

    No, that is not a criterion. The key is to have an entrepreneurial and positive mindset. Our participants range from different levels, but a common feature is a genuine interest in helping and sharing knowledge.

    English, since we come from various places from all over the world.

    The essentials are your computer, camera, walking shoes and a positive mindset. The weather changes from day to night, and from one location to another, so bring along whatever you feel comfortable in. We would recommend packing something for the really warm days, but also warm clothing for the late dinners outside.

    In the house we are staying in, it is also possible to take a swim in our private pool, so bring your swimsuit – we have towels.

    The flight is NOT included in the price. When you arrive at the airport, everything is paid for and taken care of.

    We will pick you up from Barcelona El Prat airport at 14.30AM.

    We will get you back to your flight from Barcelona El Prat airport at 10.00AM.

    Shortly before the trip, when we have your flight details we will arrange all transportation.

    We welcome all kinds of people on our Refuga trips. The most essential key is to have an entrepreneurial and positive mindset. We have a lot of incredibly accomplished entrepreneurs joining us, but also some aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Being an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur does not mean you need to have a business or to start a business. It means you have an open mindset, a position in your work where you have the ability and desire to change things for the better. It could be within these fields: leadership, project management, innovation, strategies etc.

    Everything is volunteer. We do recommend you join our custom made program during the week, to get the ultimate experience. There will be plenty of time in between sessions and activities to relax, work or to do whatever you feel like.

    It is always good to be prepared. Everything you need to prepare, we will let you know in decent time before the trip. It would be things like, what are your expectations, what are your contribution in this group, what challenges do have, and which have you conquered etc.

    Before all of our trips, we create a Facebook group for all the participants to engage. This will happen around one month before the trip. We will send out emails and let you know when time is.


    We will answer as quickly as possible. Looking forward hearing from you.

    Refuga Promo Video - Workation in Barcelona. Come and join us. from Refuga on Vimeo.

    Why we do it & what you get

    Our vision at Refuga is basically to give you an experience for life. Well, this is easier said than done to be honest. But to make the best attempt for this to happen, we have created a framework and a mindset that makes it possible – if you are open to it.

    – On our trips, there are no enemies or competitors, it´s a safe environment and we are here to help each other both professionally and personally.

    – We choose the best possible settings, partners, and locations for you to focus and learn something new about yourself and others.

    Our aim is for you to grow and move your boundaries, not only professionally but also personally. We visit different countries and we invite people from all over the world to join us. Basically going on a Refuga trip means getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things, meeting new friends and getting different insights and perspectives on business and on life in general.

    Are you ready to do this?

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    All our prices are in USD

    1 person
    2 persons (per person)
    Refuga Alumni

    Dates & Availability

    • Oct 21 - 28, 2019 (7 spots left)

    What you get

    • A unique experience including a combination of network, business and good times
    • A luxury house with swimming pool and mountain bikes in the mountains north of Barcelona
    • A Spanish cook will prepare delicious, local meals for us the whole week
    • A large work area with needed peace for getting work done
    • Daily sessions with talks and feedback
    • An all inclusive event. All meals, drinks, snacks are included
    • A half day trip to the Montserrat mountain
    • An opportunity to take your business to the next level. When we say everything is included, we mean it. The price includes all trips, meals, drinks, sessions = everything! From the moment we pick you up at the airport everything is included.
    • Including transport to and from the airport

    Practical Info

    • We will pick you up at Barcelona El Prat airport at 14:30. September the 27th.
    • We will get you back to your flight from Barcelona El Prat airport at 10.00. October the 4th.
    • 7 days, all inclusive
    • Online payment after your spot is confirmed
    • Always $500 deposit, the remaining amount 3 months prior to the trip. If you cancel up to 4 weeks before the trip you get full credits for another trip.

    I’m not sure yet

    • If you think this is something for you, but you’re not sure yet, let us know. We are happy to clarify any concerns, so you’re 100% sure before you book. You can do that by email or by booking a clarifying 15-minute call.
    • If you prefer email, email and the trip leader, Lars, will answer personally
    • If you want to schedule a 15-minute clarifying Skype, stop us a line by mail at

    Let us keep you
    updated on the trip

    We will let you know when spots are running out and tell you about confirmed participants.