Climb Kilimanjaro with other ambitious entrepreneurs


The ultimate networking experience

After multiple successful trips to Kilimanjaro, we’re once again returning to the amazing country of Tanzania and the highest mountain in Africa.

We are getting a small, exclusive group of ambitious people together for this incredible expedition and once in a lifetime experience. We have made an intensive program, where you will both get to explore Tanzania and challenge yourself by climbing Kilimanjaro.

Standing on the top of a mountain like Kilimanjaro expands your world and is a journey in personal development. Doing the whole thing with other entrepreneurs from around the world sparks some super interesting conversations on the mountain and just adds to the overall experience.

Before we head to Kilimanjaro we will kick off the trip by doing a safari.

We can’t wait to climb Kilimanjaro with you!

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Day 1

Arrivals, introductions, welcome dinner

You will be picked up at Kilimanjaro Airport and taken to our hotel. You will meet the whole group today and we will all have dinner together. Tonight we will have an introduction going over the trips and getting you prepared.

Day 2

Full day safari

After breakfast, we will be picked up by a few jeeps and we will go to the beautiful Arusha National, where we will see a wide range of animals and get a good view of Kilimajaro if the weather allows it. It’s an easy start to our adventure where we have a chance to get to know each other.

Day 3

First day on Kilimanjaro

After breakfast, we will be driving to Machame gate. Here we recorded before we can start to get up the mountain. We set out on a pleasant path through the rainforest. After a few hours of walking, we come to a narrower path which leads us to where we will have camp the first night. On day 3 we will be walking 5-7 hours.

Day 4

Out of the rainforest

After breakfast at camp, we will get ready for the second day of hiking. We are now out of the rainforest and the landscape will be more open. If the sky is clear it will be possible to see the top of Kilimanjaro from our next camp. The air is now getting thinner, so it’s important to drink plenty of water and walk slowly. Day 4 is around 5 hours of walking.

Day 5

Lunch at Lava Tower

Today we will go up to the impressive rock formation called Lava Tower, which is at 4,700 meters. We go this high to get acclimatized, so we will stay here for a while and have lunch. After that, we head down lower to Barranco Camp, where we will have a camp for the next day. Here it’s possible to see the glaciers on the top of the mountain. On day 5 we will walk for 8-9 hours, but at a slow pace.

Day 6

The Barranco Wall

Today we start the hike up a steep section called Barranco Wall. It’s the only section of our whole trip that is a bit technical. This day is important for acclimatization and we will arrive at camp early to relax or go for small hikes in the afternoon.

Day 7

Arriving at Base Camp

The first part of today is the step Barranco Wall and then it’s over valleys and ridge. After lunch, we continue through the Karanga Valley to reach Barafu Camp, which will be our highest camp. The landscape has now changed again to dry, cold and with no plants. From here we can really see that we are getting closer to the peak and we will have some amazing views today. Todays walking will be around 6-8 hours.

Day 8

Starting our attempt to the summit

We will be woken up around midnight and after eating and getting ready, we are heading for the summit. The temperature is freezing and it gets colder as we climb up. It’s a tough day and we can really feel the altitude now. After a long steep climb, we reach Stella Point. Here the temperature can be as low as -25 degrees Celsius, but from here we only have around an hour of walking on the ridge which just has a small elevation, before reaching the top of Africa!


Standing on the top of Africa

While on the last part towards the top the sun will rise and an incredible view of the mountains and sky will appear. At the top, we will enjoy the view and take the summit photos, before heading down to our last camp. After getting a bit of sleep and something to eat, we will walk on to get lower for the next night. The hike to the top will take around 8 hours and the total descent of the day will be around 6 hours.

Day 9

Descent and celebrations!

We wake up at our last camp which is down in rainforest. After breakfast, we say goodbye to all our helpers that have been working hard for the week to get us to the top. Helpers that has become friends during the days. We all celebrate by listening to the whole group of guides, helpers and cooks sing their traditional Kilimanjaro song. After this, we do the last bit of hiking down to the foot of the mountain, where a bus will bring us back to the hotel. Time for a beer and a celebration dinner!

Day 10

Local living and relax

Today is your chance to relax a bit after climbing Kilimanjaro. You can hang out by the pool at the hotel or you can go out and check out the nearby villages. Go for a walk down small gravel roads or take a dala dala (small crowded minibus) into Moshi and check out the city.

Day 11


The trip official ends after our last breakfast together at the hotel and people depart throughout the day.

Christoffer Baadsgaard

I joined the Refuga trip to Kilimanjaro with 12 other incredible interesting people. The trip was one of the best experiences in my life. Besides the amazing nature, the tough challenge and the incredible feeling of standing on top of Africa, it was really a big experience to get to know a bunch of so amazing people.

The trip was planned down to the smallest detail and the information before and under was super good, so I can highly recommend this experience!

Lars Rasmussen

Climbing Kilimanjaro with Refuga has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The group quickly built strong bonds to each other, because we were away from phones, the internet, emails and normal work. All we had focused on was getting from a to b, each day and talking to each other. The trip to Kilimanjaro has definitely been an experience where I challenged my normal comfort zone and it has really helped my personal development. At the same time, I got a lot of valuable input for my companies.

Mads Bjerring

The Refuga trip to Kilimanjaro is definitely on the top 3 of best experiences I have had in my life. The trip was amazing in two different ways. First of all, you meet some amazing and inspiring people. Everybody had something to add to the group, which gave a really good atmosphere. Secondly, the trip was a personal challenge because the altitude was tough. But it was a challenge for everyone and we all helped each other to get to the top of Africa.

Why we climb Kilimanjaro

In 2014 we went to Kilimanjaro with a group of entrepreneurs for the first time. And we fell in love with the mountain, the people, and the challenge.

We think Kilimanjaro is the perfect adventure. It’s accessible for many people, it’s a real challenge and you get close to the local culture. For us, that’s the ingredients for a real adventure and that’s why we love coming back.

Kilimanjaro acts as a perfect setting for conversations, you’ll be without your phone and computer and the group and the challenge will take up all of your energy. All of these things make it a perfect break from everyday life where you really indulge in the experience. Our experience is that climbing a mountain like Kilimanjaro with like-minded people from across the world is an amazing combination.


Anyone with a normal level of fitness can do this. You don’t have to be in crazy shape, but you should be able to run 10k. We also highly recommend that you train for the trip by walking long trips in nature (with your boots, so you get used to them).

We will pick you up from Kilimanjaro International Airport at 8:00PM.

We will get you back to your flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport at 3:00PM.

Shortly before the trip, when we have your flight details we will arrange all transportation.

We will be sleeping in tents and on the summit we can have temperatures as low as -25 degrees celsius, so you need proper gear. A complete gear list will be sent out upon confirming your spot.

A lot of the things can be rented by our guides, so you don’t need to buy a lot of stuff you won’t need in the future. The most important thing is your boots since you will be spending a long time in them.

All camp gear, including tents etc., are provided by us.

Most insurance companies have a special add-on to your normal insurance for mountain climbing on mountains higher than 4.000 meters. Please check with your insurance company and tell them that you’re going on a guided trip to Kilimanjaro.

All hotels, transportation, food and the days on the mountains are included in the price.

You need to buy flights to Kilimanjaro Airport, insurance, and gear.

A Refuga Trip Leader will be responsible for the group for all of the days and on the mountain we will have extremely experienced Kilimanjaro guides leading our group. They are super professional and has been on the summit many, many times with groups like ours.

The are good at adjusting the pace, so everyone can follow. We also have multiple guides, so the group can split up if someone is suffering a bit.

What vaccines you need depends on your past history of traveling and where you’re from. Please consult the official website in your country to find out what you need for Tanzania.

This trip is put together for people with no or little experience with mountains, so we have a full team helping us with carrying our stuff, setting up camp and cooking. Everything here is done for us, so we can concentrate on getting to the top.

At the same time, we put a lot of money into the local community. The salary a carrier gets for a trip like this can last him and his family for a few months.

Everyone will feel the altitude, but it varies from person to person. The last day on the top WILL be tough for everybody. This is not a normal hike in the forest; you’re climbing the highest mountain in Africa.

That said we put safety first and our guides are super professional and do everything they can to keep us safe. We will be walking very conservatively and we will be reminded to drink and sleep a lot because that helps for the altitude.

We understand that there is a lot of questions with a big trip like this, please contact us directly on with any questions you have. It’s also possible to book a Skype meeting to clarify if this trip is for you. You do that here.

Yes, of course. If you brought more stuff than you need on the mountain (you most likely did) it will be stored at our local partner’s office during the days at the mountain.

Our local guides are trained for any situation and if an accident should occur, they are professionals and handle fast to solve it as best as possible. We will always have contact to staff down in the city and there are very effective processes on the mountains when accidents occur. Your relatives will also be given a phone number and email address to a person from Refuga, so there is a chance to get in contact.

If you’re able to run approximately 10k / 6 miles, you should be fine. We highly recommend that you hike a lot as training and that you do it in the boots / shoes you’re going to climb Kilimanjaro in.

If you’re unsure about your shape or if you’re able to do it, please let us know and we help you clarify.

We have porters on the mountain and they will carry your equipment through the days. Your maximum baggage for the porters is 15 kilos. You only have to carry your own day bag, where you have water, snacks, camera, extra clothing etc.








All our prices are in USD

1 person
2 persons (per person)
Refuga Alumni

Dates & Availability

What you get

  • All food, drinks and transportation
  • All guides, helpers, cooks
  • All group equipment on the mountain (tents, cooking equipment etc.)
  • An incredible journey to the top of Africa
  • Safari, great hotels


  • Standard accommodation is shared bedrooms (2 people)
  • Tents will also be shared with another person
  • Please let us know if you prefer your own tent, and we will find a solution


  • Online secure payment
  • Always $500 deposit, remaining 3 months prior to the trip
  • Canceling up to 2 weeks prior to the trip and you will get credits to use for any other trip



  • We will pick you up from Kilimanjaro International Airport at 8:00PM
  • We will get you back to your flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport at 3:00PM.
  • Prices include safari, all stays, complete Kilimanjaro trips and all meals
  • Prices are ex-own expenses (like gear, souvenirs etc.) and flights into Tanzania
  • Prices are ex. tips to guides, cooks, and helpers (normally $200 pp)
  • We use professional local guides and all local help – We want to give as much money back to the local community as possible
  • You will receive more information upon sign up and have one contact person the whole way (the trip leader)

I’m not sure yet

If you think this is something for you, but you’re not sure yet, let us know. We are happy to clarify any concerns, so you’re 100% sure before you book. You can do that by email or by booking a clarifying 15-minute call

If you prefer email, email and the trip leader, Nikolaj, will answer personally

If you want to schedule a 15-minute clarifying Skype call click here

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