Run with Kenyans

Explore the mecca of high performance with the world's best runners in Kenya


What you will do on this once in a lifetime experience

  • Explore Kenya with entrepreneurs from all over the globe
  • Train with the best runners in the world for a week
  • Talks by world champions
  • Live in Iten, the place where the world's best runners live and train
  • Go on 2-day safari
  • Visit the Maasai people
  • Talks by local coaches
  • Spend a day helping local entrepreneurs
  • Work on your project
  • Talks and feedback sessions with the other participants
  • Spend 10 days in amazing Kenya
  • Learn from one of the best high-performance cultures
  • Safari in Masai Mara

    We will kick-start the trip by going to Masai Mara, the famous national park and the best place to go on a safari in Kenya

    Run with the Kenyans

    We will be staying in the legendary, small village of Iten. This is where the best African runners and Olympic teams train, just around sunrise and sunset – and we will join them

    Meet the best runners in the world

    We have contact with famous runners as Wilson Kiplagat, and Wilson Chebet. Ben Chebet will be arranging meet-ups and talks with the multiple world-class runners

    Travel with other entrepreneurs to Kenya and explore a high performance mecca with the best runners in the world

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    Welcome to Iten, a very special place

    Located at 2400 meters above sea level in Kenya you’ll find Iten. A small city that has become famous for creating the best runners in the world for the last 30 years. Researchers, journalists, and the best runners come here to see how this place has created so many world class runners.

    We have had to reschedule our dates for this trip twice because two national teams needed the facilities in the preparations towards the 2016 Olympics. We will be staying at a small, beautiful hotel with a great view of the Rift Valley. Here we will have our meals, sessions and hang out in front of the fireplace when the nights get cold.

    Learn from a high performance culture

    Entrepreneurs can a learn a lot from the high-performance culture in Iten. Runners from all over Kenya travel to Iten, living extremely basic pursuing their dream and a better life. Creating world champions from hopes, dreams and crazy hard work is very similar to successful entrepreneurs.

    By having sessions with local runners, world champions and trainers we will learn about the mentality and methods used for creating some of the top runners in the world. Lessons that can be used both professionally and in life in general.

    We want to create a trip that will not only change the way you work and your business. We want to create a trip that will be life changing.

    We have contact with athlete Wilson Kipsang (winner of Frankfurt, London and Berlin Marathon and former world record holder in the marathon), Wilson Chebet and Ben Chebet. We will arrange meetups with the runners who are in Iten on our dates.

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    Day 1

    Meet up in Nairobi

    We will all meet up in Nairobi. We will meet at a café not far from the airport. You should arrive with your flight no later than 2pm. We will have a driver waiting for you at the airport who will take you to the meeting point.

    When we’re all there, we will head to Masai Mara National Park in our private minibus, where we will have a welcome dinner and spend the first few days.

    Day 2

    Full day safari

    We’re spending the whole day in Masai Mara National Park, one of the absolute best places to go on a safari in Kenya. Here we will also see some people from the Masai tribe, who lives in this area.

    We will have lunch out in the wild and dinner back at our lodge, where we will be spending another night.


    Day 3

    Full day safari

    We will wake up early to go on a morning safari, before heading back to the camp to have breakfast.

    After breakfast, we will take a good long drive from Masai Mara to Iten. On the way there we will stop at beautiful view points in the Rift Valley.

    We will have lunch on the way to Iten and dinner at our location in Iten, which will be our home for the next days.

    Day 4-9

    Stay in legendary Iten

    Over the next days, we will have our base in Iten at a beautiful, small hotel with a view over the Rift Valley in the outskirts of Iten. Iten is the small village, where the best runners in the world live and train and this will be our home.

    The 9 days will include daily training sessions, trips to local schools, working with local entrepreneurs, coaching, talks by some of the best African runners in the world.

    You will also have a chance to do a bit of work here since we have access to the conference room where we are staying.

    Day 10

    Back to Nairobi

    This is the last day of the adventure and time to say goodbye.

    We will take the early morning flight from Eldoret to Nairobi (included in the price) and be back in Nairobi at around 10am, so you should have your flights back home no earlier than 12am.


    We are targeting entrepreneurial minds. You don’t have to run your own company, but we want entrepreneurial minds to join the trips. With entrepreneurial minds, we mean proactive people that want´s to succeed.

    We’ve had students, employees, people from NGO’s and artists join us. It’s all about mindset.


    This trip combines running and entrepreneurship. But it’s not as much as about running as it is about learning from a high-performance culture.

    To get the most out of the trip, we recommend that only people who are interested in sports and performance should apply.

    You don’t have to be a serious runner to join, but a big part of this experience is running with the local athletes, so a basic running shape is recommended.

    Included in the price is:

    • Pick up at Nairobi Airport
    • All transport in Kenya
    • Flight from Eldoret to Nairobi
    • All meals
    • All talks, sessions, coaching
    • Safari

    Not included in the price is:

    • Flights from where you live to Nairobi
    • Your own travel insurance
    • Personal expenses, like shopping
    • Alcohol
    • Extra coaching, massage etc. in Iten

    Most nationalities need a visa to enter Kenya. Please check the rules for your nationalities and let us know if you need an invitation letter to apply for the visa.

    The price is around 50 USD for the visa. It can also be obtained at the airport in Kenya, but some nationalities need to obtain it before leaving home.

    Of course! Just let us know in advance if you’re vegetarian, have allergies or anything else!

    We will have access to a conference room every day, which we will use for sessions and as an office. There will be multiple days where we will spend the whole day out on trips (on safari for example, yeah!!), but most days there will be plenty of time relax and work.

    We will be in Kenya and we will be far out, so the internet is not great. We will stock up with extra sim cards and our place will also have wifi, but this is not a working trip and the wifi is not good enough for real work, but you will have the time to do some day to day work.

    The accommodation is in two-person deluxe rooms with own bathroom. Please contact us if you need a private room for the prices.

    We will pick you up from Nairobi Airport at 12.00AM. October the 19th.

    We will get you back to your flight from Nairobi Airport at 1o.00AM. October the 28th.

    Shortly before the trip, when we have your flight details we will arrange all transportation.

    Due to Kenyans military being active in Somalia, specific areas of Kenya can have a high risk of terror. These areas include for examples malls in Nairobi and the area close to Somalia.

    Iten, where we will be staying, is very safe.

    We recommend checking what your government releases of travel warnings. These are always a good source to follow.

    Our trip will only be canceled if major events happen in the region where we will be staying. If we cancel a trip due to this, you will get the full fee back. If you want to cancel your trip (for whatever reason), the fee can only be used for other trips that we offer.

    Please check the official travel advice from the health system in your country.

    There is very seldom malaria in the area because it’s over 2.000 meters above sea level, but we will spend some time closer to sea level, so we recommend getting covered.

    Email Nikolaj, who will be the trip leader on this trip, directly on with any questions you might have.


    All our prices are in USD

    1 person
    2 persons (per person)
    Refuga Alumni

    Dates & Availability

    What you get

    • 10 nights in Kenya in shared deluxe rooms (2 persons per room)
    • 3 meals per day
    • Training program by local coach
    • A chance to see and join the best runners in the world training
    • Safari at Maasai Mara
    • Access to gym and chill out area (with a fireplace)
    • Talks by a champion athlete and a coach
    • Different sessions and talks with the other participants
    • Trip to a local school
    • A full day of working with local entrepreneurs
    • A chance to explore Kenya
    • Real relations with entrepreneurs from across the globe
    • Access to a closed Facebook group with the other participants

    Practical info


    • We will pick you up from Nairobi Airport at 12:00AM. October the 19th.
    • We will get you back to your flight from Nairobi Airport at 10.00AM. October the 28th.
    • What’s included: All food, transport, stay, sessions, talks, training
    • What’s not included: Flight to and from Nairobi, insurance, visa, personal expenses
    • $500 deposit when getting accepted, remaining 3 months before the trip. If you cancel up to 2 weeks before the trip, you get credits to another trip.

    I’m not sure yet

    • If you think this is something for you, but you’re not sure yet, let us know. We are happy to clarify any concerns, so you’re 100% sure before you book. You can do that by email or by booking a clarifying 15-minute call.
    • If you prefer email, email and the trip leader, Nikolaj, will answer personally
    • If you want to schedule a 15-minute clarifying Skype call click here

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    updated on the trip

    We will let you know when spots are running out and tell you about confirmed participants.