Italy Workation

15 International Entrepreneurs, 6 Days and 1 sustainable farm in Italy


Stay at a sustainable farm, meet like-minded entrepreneurs & experience a food lover’s paradise of Italian food & wine.

A truly authentic Italian experience in the Green Heart of Italy. Experience and taste the organic food and wine production, take a Vespa tour through nearby medieval towns and taste the wines of Montefalco. At our venue, you’ll enjoy farm-to-table, home cooked authentic meals, with the option of hands-on learning with an Italian chef. And most importantly meet and work with other entrepreneurs.

We will start our journey with a big welcome dinner at our Italian farm

Vespa ride to Montone
a beautiful medieval town nearby

Volunteer Vespa riding to Montone about 25 mins from our home, exploring the town and eating at a restaurant specializing in local foods.

Visit to the famous wine region, Montefalco

Join us for the ultimate wine experience. A half day trip to Montefalco together with a prize-winning sommelier, a visit to the historic town nearby, and last but not least, dinner and wine in a wonderful restaurant.


  • Meet and work with people from around the world
  • Disconnect from everyday life
  • Focus on our businesses
  • Daily sessions, talks, and discussions
  • Do concentrated work with great wifi
  • Visit a famous vineyard
  • Taste and make Italien food
  • Go for a ride on Vespas
  • Enjoy the silence in the mountains
  • Learn about sustainable living
  • FAQ

    From we pick you up at the airport everything is included. That means all transportation, overnight stays, food, drinks and activity according to the information you find on this page. All inclusive starts at dinner on the 4th and ends the 9th after breakfast and drop off.

    What’s not included is airfare to Italy, personal shopping, extra alcohol or activities.

    We will pick you up from Rome Fiumicino airport 11:30AM. June the 4th.

    We will get you back to your flight fromRome Fiumicino at 12:00PM. June the 9th.

    Shortly before the trip, when we have your flight details we will arrange all transportation. If you are arriving by other transportation, you can read more here.

    All accommodation is on a share basis, which means you will be sharing room with 1-2 others depending on location. If you need a single room that can be arranged for an extra fee. Please email us via to arrange it.

    Since we are in beautiful Italy, our chef will make us traditional Italian food. During the day we will have snacks and cold beverages available at all time. On this trip, you will also have the option to help with the cooking, if you are interested in learning how to.

    If you are allergic, a vegetarian or you want to make us aware of something regarding the food. Please write it in the comments when you apply.

    You’re flying into Rome Fiumicino airport in Italy. Here we will pick you up and go straight to our sustainable farm in Monestevole (3 hours drive to the house). During the week we will be doing sessions, talks, discussions, adventure, and work. We have included Vespa riding and wine tasting as well for us to explore more about the Italian culture. We will have a day-by-day program ready some months before the trip.

    No, that is not a criterion. The key is to have an entrepreneurial and positive mindset. Our participants range from different levels, but a common feature is a genuine interest in helping and sharing knowledge.

    English, since we come from various places from all over the world.

    The essentials are your computer, camera, walking shoes and a positive mindset. The weather changes from day to night, and from one location to another, so bring along whatever you feel comfortable in. There is no dress code, but we would recommend if you also bring some practical clothing.

    The flight is NOT included in the price. When you arrive at the airport, everything is paid for and taken care of.

    We welcome all kinds of people on our Refuga trips. An essential key is, to have an entrepreneurial and positive mindset. We have a lot of incredibly accomplished entrepreneurs joining us, but also some aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Being an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur does not mean you need to have a business or to start a business. It means you have an open mindset, a position in your work where you have the ability and desire to change things for the better. It could be within these fields: leadership, project management, innovation, strategies etc.

    All activities are optional.

    We do recommend you join our custom made program during the week, to get the ultimate experience. There will be plenty of time in between sessions and activities to relax, work or to do whatever you feel like. On this trip, you have the option to get involved in the activities of the farm and garden – such as harvesting veggies and feeding the animals – and to help cook and to learn in the kitchen. But it’s totally up to you – you can participate in activities as much or as little as you like.

    It’s always good to be prepared. Everything you need to prepare, we will let you know in decent time before the trip. It would be things like, what are your expectations, what are your contribution in this group, what challenges do have, and which have you conquered etc.

    Before all of our trips, we create a Facebook group for all the participants to engage. This will happen around one month before the trip. We will send out an email and let you know when time is.


    We will answer as quickly as possible. Looking forward hearing from you.

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    Our sustainable farm

    Our home for 5 nights is a 40-hectare farm, nestled in the blissful silence of the Green Heart of Italy, surrounded by woodlands and olive groves. We’ll be staying in a lovingly-restored, working farm, which is aiming at full self-sustainability.

    Veggies & meat are organic and home grown, prepared daily by the local chef. House wine and organic olive oil are produced on site. Showers are heated by solar power, and water comes from the well.

    Hands-on participation on a daily basis at the farm, kitchen & garden activities is always available if desired.  Use your down time for a hike or a horse ride, or simply chill in a hammock, by the pool.


    Our vision at Refuga is basically to give you an experience for life. Well, this is easier said than done to be honest. But to make the best attempt for this to happen, we have created a framework and a mindset that makes it possible – if you are open to it.

    On our trips, there are no enemies or competitors, it´s a safe environment and we are here to help each other both professionally and personally.

    We choose the best possible settings, partners, and locations for you to focus and learn something new about yourself and others. On this exact trip you will also have the possibility to learn more about cooking local Italian cuisine and learn about sustainable farming.

    Our aim is for you to grow and move your boundaries, not only professionally but also personally. We visit different countries and we invite people from all over the world to join us. Basically going on a Refuga trip means getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things, meeting new friends and getting different insights and perspectives on your business and on life in general.

    Are you ready to do this?


    All our prices are in USD

    1 person
    2 persons (per person)
    Refuga Alumni

    Dates & Availability

    What you get

    • A once in a lifetime experience with other ambitious entrepreneurs
    • A luxury farm with swimming pool in the mountains
    • We will have an Italian cook preparing delicious, local meals for us the whole week
    • One big challenge that will make you think bigger and get out of your comfort zone
    • An international network of people that you have lived, laughed and shared with for a week (you don’t get better network than this)
    • Cultural insights and how to live as self-sufficient as possible
    • Daily inspiration, sessions, and feedback from the other participants
    • All meals, drinks, housing etc.
    • Transport from airport to the farm and back.
    • … Did we mention that this will be an experience of a lifetime?

    Practical Info

    • You have to book your own flight to and from Rome airport
    • We will pick you up from Rome Fiumicino airport 11.30AM. June the 4th.
    • We will get you back to your flight from Rome Fiumicino at 12.00PM. June the 9th.
    • The deposit is always $500 and it secures your spot on the trip
    • The rest of the amount will be withdrawn 3 months prior to the trip
    • If you have to cancel you will get credits to another trip (up until 2 weeks prior to the trip)
    • We have more or less everything in the house. Towels, sheets, food, drinks and snacks.
    • All participants get access to a closed Facebook group for introduction and practical stuff one month before the trip

    I’m not sure yet

    • If you think this is something for you, but you’re not sure yet, let us know. We are happy to clarify any concerns, so you’re 100% sure before you book. You can do that by email or by booking a clarifying 15-minute call.
    • Email, the trip leader if you have any questions or want to book a skype call.


    Let us keep you
    updated on the trip

    We will let you know when spots are running out and tell you about confirmed participants.