Mount Elbrus

Climb the highest mountain in Europe with an exclusive group of entrepreneurs.


The networking event with the best view

Join a small and exclusive group of entrepreneurs for an adventure of a lifetime in Russia. We will start in Moscow for some sightseeing and then head out for the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus.

Imagine walking in some of the world’s most beautiful nature with other ambitious entrepreneurs talking about business, life and how to improve both. Having a common goal and celebrating the achievement at 5642 meters above sea level on the top of Europe, will give you network and friendships for life.

This is an all inclusive, exclusive trip for entrepreneurs and other proactive, ambitious people taking place in July 2015. Get ready for adventure!







Day by day

Day 1

Refuga Elbrus

We all meet at Moscow Airport where we in the late afternoon fly to Mineralney. On the way, we will stop and have a nice dinner of local borscht. The adventure is on and we will arrive in the dark at our hotel, so the next morning we’re waking up to a grand view of the big mountains!

Day 2-3

Refuga Elbrus

After breakfast at our hotel, a long day of hiking starts and we’re doing it in true Russian style: tough! The guides want us to get adjusted to working hard and to the altitude, so it’s going to be a tough day, but we will have grand views and eat lunch out in the mountains, before returning to the hotel again in the evening. Next day, we take another beautiful hike. On the evenings we will enjoy true Russian sauna called banya (It’s a pretty wild experience).

Day 4

Refuga Elbrus

Today is the first day where we will reach the snow. We will go from the valley, where we have been staying until now. We’re going up to a small cabin on Elbrus, which will be our home for the next few days. This also means that we need to carry all our gear and food up to the cabin.

Day 5

Refuga Elbrus

Today is for an Acclimatization hike up to 4.700 – 5.000 meters. The hike will take half of the day, the rest of the day is for relaxing before the first attempt for the summit if the weather is good. Our base is a small cabin on the mountain where we’re boiling snow to have delicious ginger tea. Even when our appetite decreases because of the effect of altitude, we will enjoy because we had to work hard to carry it up here.

Day 6

Refuga Elbrus

We will start in the very early morning (3 am) for the hike to the top, so we can watch the sunrise on the way up. The chances for clear weather is best in the early morning. Hopefully, we will reach the highest point of Europe in the early morning. It’s a tough day and we might have to head back if the weather is not with us. We’re all roped up in small teams and walking with crampons and ice axes.

Day 7

Refuga Elbrus

Hopefully, we have reached the top the day before, if not we will have this day as back-up. On this day we return to the valley for dinner and to relax. Of course, when in Russia, we have to celebrate the adventure with vodka. Our guides will bring their favorite brand.

Day 8

Refuga Elbrus

Today is the second backup day, so if we haven’t had luck with the weather the first days to reach the summit, we will have one backup day. The weather can very tricky at Elbrus, so it’s better to have one more backup day. If we already reached the summit the day can be used to relax, enjoy a Russian banya (sauna) or go for a small hike.

Day 9

Refuga Elbrus

In the morning we will get back to Moscow, where we will spend the rest of day checking out the sights. In the evening we will all go out for a great dinner to celebrate and then stay overnight at a hotel in the city center (included).

Day 10

Workaway Elbrus

The adventure is done, we will split up and go back to our different parts of the world. A lot of memories and relations richer.





Questions and answers

Climbing a mountain is fantastic and an experience for life. Doing it with great people will make this one of the best experiences in your life. Climbing a mountain together creates the most fantastic relations. There is no phones, no computers. Just fantastic views and time to reflect, talk and get new insights. Our experience is that you will get relations for life.

You don’t have to be a superman to this. Everyone in normal shape can climb Elbrus. You don’t have to have experience with mountains before, we will have professional guides at all times on the mountain.

We did our first adventure trip in the spring of 2014 to Kilimanjaro, Africas highest mountain. We have been doing trips for entrepreneurs since 2012.

From the meet up at the Hotel in Moscow the first day everything is included. You have to buy your flights to Moscow and get a visa.

We will meet at Moscow SVO at 5:00PM, and go directly to catch our for flight to MRV at 4:45PM. July 10th.
We will get you back to your flight from Moscow SVO at 12:30PM. July 21st.

Shortly before the trip, when we have your flight details we will arrange all transportation. You will receive all detailed information when your spot is confirmed.

We love entrepreneurs and diversity, so you will be climbing Mount Elbrus with a group of different ambitious entrepreneurs. We are aiming for a handful of different nations to be represented.

Most foreigners would need a visa to get to Russia, but there is nations with special agreements with Russia. Read more at Wikipedia. Contact your local russian embassy to obtain your visa.

Most insurance companies have special insurances for climbing mountains over 4.000 meters. Contact your insurance company to learn more.

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain of Europe. The summit is 5.642 meters above sea level and is placed in Russia.

Get more facts at Wikipedia and more insights at

Feel free to email the founder of Refuga, Nikolaj Astrup, if you have any questions about this trip or Refuga in general. Looking forward to talking more with you via

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Ida Christine

I've joined trips to Kilimanjaro, Spain, and Elbrus. Elbrus was absolutely more tough than Kilimanjaro, but what an experience! I can't recommend enough to go on this trip, it's a real adventure.

Christoffer Baadsgaard

I have joined Refuga for 5 trips in total (Tanzania / Kilimanjaro, Barcelona x 2, Morocco and Russia / Elbrus). Experiencing extraordinary things with extraordinary people really changes your perspective on life. I am thankful and proud to be a part of the Refuga community.

Bala Gopolan

I've joined both Kilimanjaro and the Elbrus trips and it's been incredible experiences with some like-minded people. I couldn't think of a better way to go on an adventure.


All our prices are in USD

1 person
2 persons (per person)
Refuga Alumni

Dates & Availability

  • Jul 10 - 21, 2017 (15 spots left)

What you get

  • A once in a lifetime experience with other ambitious entrepreneurs
  • A big challenge that will make you think bigger
  • An international network of people that you have climbed a mountain with (you don’t get better network than this)
  • Cultural insights into one of the craziest countries in the world
  • Professional guides
  • Inspiration and feedback from the other participants
  • All meals, drinks, housing etc.
  • Flights from Moscow to Caucasus and back
  • Vodka
  • … Did we mention that this will be an experience of a lifetime?

Practical Info

  • We will meet at Moscow SVO at 5:00PM, and go directly to catch our for flight to MRV at 4:45PM. July 10th.
  • We will get you back to your flight from Moscow SVO at 12:30PM. July 21st.
  • When we say everything is included, we mean it. From the trip starts we’ve got you covered
  • Always $500 deposit, the remaining is withdrawn 3 months prior to the trip
  • If you cancel up to 2 weeks before the trip you get credits to another trip
  • You have to book your own flight to and from Moscow
  • Most nationalities need a visa for going to Russia. Contact you local Russian embassy for more info
  • All participants get access to a closed Facebook group for introduction and practical stuff

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