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  • Old wine farm
  • Spanish chef and local food
  • Remote in the mountains
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops


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  • A sustainable farm
  • Real Italian food
  • Remote in the mountains
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops



  • Amazing local food and service
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops
  • Many possibilities for activities



  • Work and run in Iten
  • Talks by the best runners in the world
  • Conference room for sessions
  • Possible to add safari



  • Work from paradise
  • Amazing, remote location
  • Great thai cousine and service
  • Many possibilities for activities



  • The ultimative team building
  • A great personal challenge
  • Combine working on your strategy with an unforgettable experience


"Our company retreat was great for getting new inspiration and for 100% focus."

Diite, CEO

Corporate travel consultants can help your company profits increase

As a business owner, you are responsible for making your company profitable. In order for that to happen, you need an excellent work force since they will be the main people who deal with your clients. From your least paid employee to your managers, they have to be competent and passionate about your business or your company will suffer. It is hard enough to get a perspective customer to call your company; your receptionist had better be ready to reel the customer in with respect and knowledge so the person wants to become a customer. If your, more than likely the least paid, receptionist doesn’t act passionate and polite on the phone you will lose the customer. They are the ones who give your company the first impression and probably the person on the phone will make their decision to become a customer based on how they get treated by this person. If she feels overworked and underpaid, she will probably not come across very enthusiastically. Also, the rest of your employees must perform as a well-oiled machine for any walk-in people who enter your business. If a person sees people who work well together and can offer efficient and knowledgeable help, they will probably become your customer for life. It is hard to say, but the reality is, the success of your company falls into the hands of your employees. It is your responsibility to make sure your employees feel valued so they will stay around as well as teach them the team building skills so they can get along and work well together. How can you accomplish this? Ask some corporate travel consultants to connect you with and let them show you how they can help.

Employees are valued and will become close-knit is an innovative company that organizes trips for entire companies so they can relax, energize and come closer together as a unit. These trips include far away destinations that range from a working farm in Barcelona to climbing the tallest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus. You will be able to watch your worker’s jaws drop when you tell them you are taking them on an exotic vacation like one of the above or maybe to Costa Rica where you can relax and visit a volcano if you wish. You will see an attitude change immediately after you tell your staff they are going on an exotic vacation. They will work harder and be more productive because they will immediately feel more valued. If you tell them that you are going to make this a yearly event, you will probably have much less of a problem with attrition.

If you happen to take your employees on one of the challenging expeditions, you will find they will learn invaluable information on how to work together for a common cause as well as learn some things about themselves that will stay with them throughout their lives. They will be forever in your debt for giving them the opportunity to experience something of this magnitude. Your company will definitely benefit from having employees who feel valued and get along much better. Call your corporate travel consultants today and have them hook you up with

Since 2012 we have created unique networking trips for entrepreneurs and now we are using that experience to create amazing trips for companies, teams, management groups, boards and other professional groups.

We have a very small number of tested locations and concepts. We have spent 3 years finding and improving these, so you can get an amazing trip with your company.

We have some of the best setups in the world for corporate getaways and we're happy to discuss any needs you may have to see if we're the right fit.

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We create unique retreats and adventure trips for companies, teams, management groups, boards and networking groups. 

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