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  • Old wine farm
  • Spanish chef and local food
  • Remote in the mountains
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops


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  • A sustainable farm
  • Real Italian food
  • Remote in the mountains
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops



  • Amazing local food and service
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops
  • Many possibilities for activities



  • Work and run in Iten
  • Talks by the best runners in the world
  • Conference room for sessions
  • Possible to add safari



  • Work from paradise
  • Amazing, remote location
  • Great thai cousine and service
  • Many possibilities for activities



  • The ultimative team building
  • A great personal challenge
  • Combine working on your strategy with an unforgettable experience


"Our company retreat was great for getting new inspiration and for 100% focus."

Diite, CEO

Top CEO’s found the Secret to Success:  Corporate Retreats

The top CEO’s in the nation have found the secret to having a successful team and success in their business. They have learned that by taking their employees on the right corporate retreats, they have a team that works better together and that everyone has time to regroup and recharge.

Corporate retreats give you and your employee’s time to do things together that can build stronger relationships. It is a good idea to make sure that you choose the perfect environment and activities to optimize these bonds. Here are some tips for choosing the most effective retreats.

  • Make the retreat a week or two long so that you and your group really have the time to make really good progress. A day long retreat is not effective because there is not enough time to really get to know one another and build bonds.

  • Find a secluded place that forces interaction within the group. You don’t want to choose a place where your group has the ability to build bonds outside of your group. They need to work on building bonds together. Choose a location that offers your group seclusion. Rent a remote house in the mountains of Spain. Or a small hotel and sustainable farm in Italy.

  • Include some activities that will bring your company together and build strong bonds. For example, the living situation will bring about some bonding, but you may want to make sure to include other activities that will offer a better bonding experience. That can include group lecture sessions, team building activities, and fun things that are done with other members. When two people have to balance a kayak down a raging river, they will build a bond with each other.

  • Leave time for just relaxing. One of the main goals of going on a retreat is to just get a little time out of the office to relax. Make sure that the corporate retreats that you set up include some time to just sit back and enjoy some time doing nothing but enjoying life. Most people work too hard and they just don’t usually get a break. Your corporate retreats should be a time for them to get to know the other employees better, take a break, and even learn more about themselves.

If you have ever been on a retreat, you may have found it rather boring and if it wasn’t long enough, you may have also found that it was a waste of time. This will not be the case with your employees, if you take the time to ensure that your corporate retreats include these factors. They will ensure that your overall trip is a success.

Sample Corporate Retreat

Spend a week in Costa Rica on a digital detox. It is a great time for you and your group to unplug from the world and just work together to solve issues that your company may be facing or to improve on goals for the future. The trip will be around a week long and it will be filled with team building activities, lectures, and feedback sessions. 

Since 2012 we have created unique networking trips for entrepreneurs and now we are using that experience to create amazing trips for companies, teams, management groups, boards and other professional groups.

We have a very small number of tested locations and concepts. We have spent 3 years finding and improving these, so you can get an amazing trip with your company.

We have some of the best setups in the world for corporate getaways and we're happy to discuss any needs you may have to see if we're the right fit.

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We create unique retreats and adventure trips for companies, teams, management groups, boards and networking groups. 

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