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  • Old wine farm
  • Spanish chef and local food
  • Remote in the mountains
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops


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  • A sustainable farm
  • Real Italian food
  • Remote in the mountains
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops



  • Amazing local food and service
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops
  • Many possibilities for activities



  • Work and run in Iten
  • Talks by the best runners in the world
  • Conference room for sessions
  • Possible to add safari



  • Work from paradise
  • Amazing, remote location
  • Great thai cousine and service
  • Many possibilities for activities



  • The ultimative team building
  • A great personal challenge
  • Combine working on your strategy with an unforgettable experience


"Our company retreat was great for getting new inspiration and for 100% focus."

Diite, CEO

Where is Your Next Company Retreat?

When you are looking for a place to take your company for the next company retreat, you need to make sure that the place you go make a statement. It needs to show your employees how your company is doing, how the employees are valued, and where they are going in the future. It is something that you can’t really say with a trip to your local park to go horseback riding or by playing a game of twister.

To really make a positive impression about where your company has been and where it is going, benefit from choosing an exquisite place. Take them on an exotic trip and let them experience something that they have never experienced before. It will make an impression that is so much different than what most companies have offered in the past. It is a way to make that impression that keeps them on the payroll and working hard.

Choosing a company retreat with the right mix

You need to make sure that your company retreat has the right mix of fun, relaxation, and inspiration. You want the trip to be fun, so that the staff has a chance to get out and enjoy themselves. You need them to be able to relax and enjoy. This may be the only chance your staff has to let loose. The corporate retreat should mix in a little relaxation time as well.

Included in the mix, you need some adventure. What better way can you bring your team together than to take on Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa? It is really hard to compete with that. What better way than to climb a mountain together and have to push yourselves and each other to the limit to get to the top than this?

Where to go?

Choosing a location for your company retreat can be just as hard as deciding what to do. The idea is to create this awe-inspiring journey and there is only one way to ensure that this happens:  choose exotic. The best way to inspire your group is to choose a tropical environment where the tourist activity is slow and the time to capitalize on group activities is high. Choose for your company retreat information. They have worked hard to find the perfect locations that give you everything that you need to get out of your element and into some good wholesome and challenging fun.

Slots are booking up fast and you don’t want to miss out on kayaking through the forest covered hills of Thailand, standing on top of the tallest mountains in the world, and snorkeling in the clearest water. These are just a few of the amazing things that your team can do. So toss that Twister board and get online now to book your next successful company retreat. It will be the best decision that you have made all year for your company and your business overall. So many businesses and entrepreneurs have already benefitted from the programs they have to offer.


Since 2012 we have created unique networking trips for entrepreneurs and now we are using that experience to create amazing trips for companies, teams, management groups, boards and other professional groups.

We have a very small number of tested locations and concepts. We have spent 3 years finding and improving these, so you can get an amazing trip with your company.

We have some of the best setups in the world for corporate getaways and we're happy to discuss any needs you may have to see if we're the right fit.

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We create unique retreats and adventure trips for companies, teams, management groups, boards and networking groups. 

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