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  • Old wine farm
  • Spanish chef and local food
  • Remote in the mountains
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops


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  • A sustainable farm
  • Real Italian food
  • Remote in the mountains
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops



  • Amazing local food and service
  • Great for retreats, seminars and workshops
  • Many possibilities for activities



  • Work and run in Iten
  • Talks by the best runners in the world
  • Conference room for sessions
  • Possible to add safari



  • Work from paradise
  • Amazing, remote location
  • Great thai cousine and service
  • Many possibilities for activities



  • The ultimative team building
  • A great personal challenge
  • Combine working on your strategy with an unforgettable experience


"Our company retreat was great for getting new inspiration and for 100% focus."

Diite, CEO

No More Boring Company Retreats

Times have changed. Employees are more valued now than they have been in the past. Experts have learned that in order for a company to stand the test of time, they have to value their most valuable asset, their employees. That is why it is so important to make sure that you offer epic company retreats.

There is no better way to build comradery and respect amongst your workers then a week of feedback sessions, inspiring talks, and some adventure in the countryside of Spain. It will be one of the most productive company retreats you will ever experience. Your team will enjoy relaxing and working on a remote section of Umbria, Spain. There they will be able to relax and enjoy this beautiful remote house.

Get Inspired

This is the perfect place for everyone to build lasting relationships and receive incredible feedback from each other. It is the perfect place to brainstorm and communicate openly in a relaxed and beautiful setting. The house offers a great Wi-Fi connection, huge work spaces, and several relaxing lounges.

Free time

There is nothing like spending your free time mountain biking through Spain or exploring the beautiful views that Montserrat Mountain. Swim in the pool or enjoy the authentic Spanish cuisine that is prepared by the Spanish Chef.

Perfect for work and play

When it comes to finding a location for your company retreats, it is vital that you find a place that allows for your team to build as a unit and to relax and recharge. There are usually not many things that will work better for building your team than a perfect mix of both. You want time to sit and discuss the present, past, and future of your company. has designed a few retreat locations that would be perfect.


Enjoy living like a native Italian in this sustainable farm and hotel. They will teach you how to create Italian delicacies from scratch. There is a lot of time to explore the countryside and enjoy a few bottles of the house wine as you mull over how you bring your business into the future.


Stay in a remote cabin on the mountain side in Spain. You can enjoy the company of your fellow employees as your enjoy the Spanish cuisine, go mountain biking, and relax in this tranquil and beautiful setting.


Go on a safari, climb a mountain, go kayaking down the river meandering through the forest covered hills on its way to the ocean, in Thailand. It is an exotic place for any of your company retreats that will not only give your staff the peace they need to get refreshed, but it will also give them enough fun activities to do to keep them coming back for more.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Without them you can’t sustain your business. They are who your customer sees and they represent your company in the public eye. Therefore, build them up and make them better by including them in one of your upcoming company retreats. 

Since 2012 we have created unique networking trips for entrepreneurs and now we are using that experience to create amazing trips for companies, teams, management groups, boards and other professional groups.

We have a very small number of tested locations and concepts. We have spent 3 years finding and improving these, so you can get an amazing trip with your company.

We have some of the best setups in the world for corporate getaways and we're happy to discuss any needs you may have to see if we're the right fit.

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We create unique retreats and adventure trips for companies, teams, management groups, boards and networking groups. 

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